How Much More Shame Can Israel’s Enablers Bear?

Hossein Askari
3 min readJul 24

The supporters of Israel are topped by the United States as enabler in chief. America’s gifts to Israel are many and include military hardware, intelligence, political support in all forms, pressure on countries to embrace Israel, financial gifts and a compliant media that soft peddles Israeli transgressions. The silencing of criticism of Israel’s policies is even evident in America’s universities. Annual financial gifts to Israel, a country with a higher per capita GDP than France, continue to today while millions of Americans are homeless, lack medical care and go hungry.

American politicians silence debate on Israel under the false premise that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and is a reliable U.S. ally.

Yes, Israel is a democracy for Jews but not for Palestinians whose land Israel has illegally occupied and where ethnic cleansing has been ongoing and will likely go at an even faster pace with the newly enacted laws and the official annexation of the West Bank. Jews can demonstrate and protest but Palestinians are driven from their homes by settlers. Israel is an apartheid state but American politicians, beholden to their Jewish donors, claim it to be a democratic state and finance it with American taxpayer money as America’s national debt balloons.

Yes, Israel supports America’s policies when it suits Israel but not when it comes to angering countries such as Russia as was seen in full display with America’s support of Ukraine. Israel is a fair weather friend.

Then there is the herd that follow America’s unprincipled stand. Australia, Canada and most of Western Europe. All, along with the United States, “self-declared” defenders of human rights and democratic values around the world who duplicitously turn a blind eye to Israel’s transgressions and continue to spout their boldfaced lies about their principled stands.

The most shameful backers of Israel are nearly all Arab countries and most Muslim majority countries. They may be mostly silent but silence does not absolve them of their shame. While Egypt and Jordan have had longstanding ties with the Jewish state, more recently, a number of Arab leaders have been bribed by the United States to look the other way and establish diplomatic ties with Israel. Pressure is now on…

Hossein Askari

MIT engineer-economist. Prof: Tufts, UT-Austin, GW. IMF Board. Mediator Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. Writing: Econ-Finance, Oil, Sanctions, Mid-East, Islam.