Chuck Schumer’s and Mitch McConnell’s Lies Only Shame Our Democracy

Hossein Askari
3 min readNov 29, 2023

On November 28, the two U.S. Senate leaders shamed themselves and the U.S. Senate by claiming Israel was America’s closest ally and was deserving of more unrestricted aid (while Israel drops 2,000 pound American bombs on civilians in Gaza, continues to break international law with impunity and supports America at its own convenience).

Here are the facts:

Israel proper’s GDP per capita is higher that that of Western Europe while it has received more aid from the United States than has any other country.

The United States has used its veto at the UN Security Council 34 times to protect Israel:

“The majority of these resolutions [the U.S. vetoed] were drafted to provide a framework for peace in the decades-long Israel-Palestine conflict, including asking Israel to adhere to international laws, calling for self-determination for Palestinian statehood, or condemning Israel for the displacement of Palestinians or settlement building in occupied Palestinian territories.” (,that%20were%20critical%20of%20Israel).

Such vetoes have alienated the United States from much of the world as many of them have been cast to protect Israel from global condemnation as it breaks international law — by illegally settling on Palestinian territory and continuing to expand its illegal settlements since 1967, by engaging in the oppression of Palestinians on illegally occupied lands and by undertaking the total isolation of Gaza from the outside world. We can hardly claim that we follow international law when we do all we can to protect a state that breaks international law on a daily basis.

Has Israel earned the right to be called our closest ally? No. When President George H. W. Bush took a small step to challenge Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank by threatening to withdraw U.S. loan guarantees (not even aid) he was vilified in the American media at the behest of Israel and the Israeli lobby. When President Obama showed backbone and America for the first time abstained on a UN Security Council resolution, Obama was…



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