Anti-Semitism Will Only Increase

Hossein Askari
8 min readJul 18, 2022

Politicians, Media, Businesses, Academics, Jews and Average Americans are the Culprits

Although anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States, politicians, academics, the media, Jews and average Americans rarely ask why? If something is serious, shouldn’t we face it head on, discuss reasons and see if there is anything we can do about it, to improve the lives of all Americans? If we sidestep such discussions, the problem will fester and grow with the passage of time. Yet, most Americans are reluctant to even acknowledge, much less discuss, the possible reasons for growing anti-Semitism, lest they be called anti-Semitic.

Let me list some possible reasons for anti-Semitism in the U.S., a list that should be modified and prioritized before any meaningful program to combat it can be formulated and adopted.

American politicians invariably afford anti-Semitism higher priority than other forms of racism

Take Representative Jamie Raskin who I would say is a smart fellow. When he talked last week at the January 6 Hearings, he referenced “racism and anti-Semitism” when referring to white supremacists. Why did he single out Jews as the group most discriminated against?

What about native Americans? Surely they were the most discriminated against until they were basically wiped out, posed no threat to white supremacy and were left to languish. They are forgotten, as is their suffering. But the suffering of Jews during WWII is constantly brought up. Does this cause resentment among some Americans?

What about black Americans who have been the target of racism from the very birth of this country? What is the evidence for their discrimination? Just look how many black U.S. senators and representatives, judges, CEOs and university professors there are as a percentage of their population compared to the same ratio for Jews. The proof of racism is in the outcome. Blacks have not had the same opportunities as others in the United States. Only a small number of black Americans have excelled. They have suffered, and are suffering, more than any other group and yet Jews continue to be given special mention by many of our leaders at all times. Does this cause resentment among some Americans?



Hossein Askari

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